Fire Building Checklist
___ 1.
Select a spot for your fire, away from trees, dry grass or bushes.
___ 2.
Clear the ground 10 feet around your fire from anything possibly flammable
___ 3.
Build a fire ring on the spot where you want your fire
___ 4.
Collect everything you need to build the fire:
___ a. Tinder
___ b. Kindling
___ c. Fuel
___ d. Bucket of water
___ e. Shovel
___ 5.
Build your fire. Remember a fire need 3 elements to start: Heat, air, and fuel. Missing
anyone of these element will not allow the fire to burn.
___ 6.
When you're done with the fire make sure it is completely extinguished.
___ 7.
Remember to Leave No Trace, scatter the wood and the coals. Put back any sod or patches of
grass that you might have removed while building the fire. The campfire should look as if it
was when you arrived there.
Remember !
Before you start anything make sure the camp allows ground fires or campfires!
Forest fires destroy many acres of forestry every year due to accidental fires. You can be
arrested if you are caught lighting a fire during a drought.
Do not put rocks on the fire! They have been known to explode. When it explodes, it
becomes like a live grenade and can be very dangerous. Also, people have found rocks with
burnt marks that date back thousands of years, try not to burn rocks.
When looking for a place for your fire, look not only around, but also up. Sparks can set
branches on fire, and can be a dangerous hazard.
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