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On a lighter side here are just a snippet of some of the memories of Troop 17 I still vividly carry with me:
Dick Shen:…..I will never forget that great/unique laugh you had that managed to crack us all up…just listening
to it…many a mouthful of milkshakes at after meeting  gatherings would go flying in all directions
bus trips…. I  recall a trip to Wash DC where your mum packed you a seemingly endless supply of cookies

John Douglas: I recall this tall lanky figure….the guy who managed to buy himself an MG (2 jobs mind you) as a
first car (I was totally impressed by this!)…and the unofficial scout trip we both did to Harriman State Park

Charlie Kralick.. I remember one night in the hall you at the piano just after or before a meeting where you blew
everyone away with your take on….’House of the Rising Sun’ . you were always full of little surprises like that.

Paul Stohl: a great chap liked by all…. always ready to jump in and take part in whatever was going on….you
were a glutton for punishment when playing dodge ball and appeared to relish the torture!!

JP……the Frenchman had it all…a class act….great to see you are still involved with the Troop….as we say
down under…”Goodonya mate!

Some of my own treasured memories that pop to mind from time to time are:

Hunger attacks at Ten Mile River and asking Ralph when the heck we’ll be doing a ‘food run’ to the famous
Doughnut Farm….apple pie and vanilla ice cream to die for!!

…being flat on my back on a moonless night at Bear Lake, Maine??the night before we commenced the
Penobscot Canoe Trip and seeing stars in the heavens for the first time!

….yelling out across a lake at TMR scout camp “Bean Bags Buddy Tags…Kunatah’s a bunch of fags….Knit
one..pearl two…Kunaaaaatah yooooohoooo(by the way Charlie did a great take on this!!)

…. Experiencing rock climbing with a rope around my waist for the first time and thinking that if I died Ralph was
gonna be in a heap of trouble with my parents….but alas we always came home intact!

…. Cruising down the Snake River in Wyoming just after a dawn breakfast with an eagles nest and bird in flight
just on the next bend before us

…. sitting around the campfire singing all those great songs…gazing into the embers at the end of a day


On a final  note….I came across one of the last speeches of Bayden-Powell to a gathering of Scouts …..he said:

“I believe that God put us in this jolly world to be happy and enjoy life. Happiness does not come from being
rich, nor merely being successful in your career, nor by self-indulgence. One step towards happiness is to
make yourself healthy and strong while you are a boy, so that you can be useful and so you can enjoy life when
you are a man”.
While this may be the 90 the Anniversary of Troop 17 and covers a number of Scout Leaders….Ralph takes up
a large part of this timeline…….He has undoubtedly  succeeded and excelled in attaining the sentiments of
Bayden-Powell’s speech. Those Scouting days were great days….treasured memories… an inherent part of
who we are as people……….let me extend my wholehearted gratitude for the experience to all that helped to
make those moments.

From Australia
06/03/04 - Kevin Conboy '48 - 49
Whatever,1st page - bottom left-me in the Aussie hat,2 above -Me/same hat,3 above,Adams again ( Must be 46 or 47 ) - 2nd page,top left,Me
pondering something & L.Roe.Further down on left, small pic of me with towel etc.
I rue the day I disposed of the photos I had of those great scouting days,tho only a few none are on this site. One I recall so well - a bunch of
us posed on the red & white barricade on Francis Lewis Blvd BEFORE it was opened thru Cunningham Park,

Finally...... ]8~))
Basketball; Yes I do remember that " no contact " game we played in the church basement- hoping not to pick up a inch long splinter under a
fingernail off the rough floor. We learned to shoot flat shots,the ceiling being so low. And Adams played like it was football. Knights & horses?
They wouldn't let him & me be a team,me on top,we'd always win. Johny on the Pony ? How about Capture the Flag with the lights out & a row
of chairs dividing the teams !! The floor squeaked so much you coudn't sneak up. Punchball in the street before meetings? Did you know
when Adams & I joined there was still an initiation practiced? That stopped soon, not part of Scouting at all.

I found your message on the website at the "View Public Visitors Log" menu, as well as Artie's response.  That's what got me going

In the 1945 picture file, at the bottom, is a shot taken at parents' night, Nov 30. From left to right, there's me, Gerry Boylan, Henry O'Neil, Lee
Lowndes. That was in the Troop closet.

In 1946, there's a patrol meeting, at Felix's house I believe.  I'm in the back next to him.
Still in 1946, at Port Washington, there's four of us on the beach, Larry Roe with a camera, me in plaid shirt. Then just below that, a group with
Felix on top, me on the right. The pictures reminded me that I started out in the Troop with Felix as my Patrol Leader.

Aside from Scouts, I sort of thought you played some basketball with us at the church.  There was Alan French and Alan Cady, perhaps Alan
Apgar and others I can't recall right now, except I thought you did too. Earlier, this group included Fred Bubbers, John Atkins and occasionally
Tommy Robb and Andy Anderson,  but that may have been before you. I go by my middle name "George", except I sign "Raymond G."  You
wouldn't have known me as anyone but "George." This goes back to being a "Jr", and my Dad went by "Ray".   He was deeply involved with the
Troop Committee, and when Wilbur Apgar died in Jan '47, was named Scoutmaster on the Charter renewal to fill the breach for that year.

How did you happen to settle in Texas?

HIYA Ray, I wish I could say I remember you well but no,I do recall the name but not a face.
I was a few years older- than you & Artie & by then the troop had grown to over 4 patrols as I recall. I think I was at least the patrol leader -
Flying Eagles - or maybe even Asst Senior Ptl Ldr when you joined (?). So many new kids & names to recall & faces connect.

Two things;
Where on the Troop site did you find the EM's you mentioned in your Email that Artie & I sent? I am the " Muggs " by the way, AKA Roy
McGinnis, PS89 & NHS. I can't find that Email file on the troops I/N Site!

Then I did review the photo file & found a couple of me, Bud Adams & others I'm sure are way out of sequence. Are you in any photos you
could direct me to ?  
I did spot Joe Lane,Larry Roe, Frank Mooney. I think - Lee Lounds, Cappy Carol.
02/25/04 - Bernd  Baumann - '58
this is a change of address for me. I am very surprised that you found me. I still have pleasant memories of my scouting days
02/25/04 - David Carmody - Troop 719
keep up the great work it is a lifelong experience you are building seldom will you find someone as dedicated as Ralph. Learn all you can and
teach a younger one along the way have fun enjoy the outdoors and the meetings too. You may not now realize the great friends you are
making and the skills you are developing years from now when you tie a clove hitch you will fondly remember.
was fun for a while ) Sure - post the above as well.kinda gritty to eat that stuff with pebbles & sand in it ) it was thought not really a Scouting
thing to do ?  We agreed & apologized of course ( But it was fun for a while ) Sure - post the above as well.thing to do ?  We agreed &
apologized of course ( But it was fun for a while ) Sure - post the above as well.
2003 - Rob Mai -
2003 - Kevin Dolce -
Great Pictures and Info
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Excellent collection of winter camping information
What a great website. Troop 17 was always a quality organization.