Queens Borough Scout Orienteering Event
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2007 marked the 7th annual orienteering event (8th Overall). This year we would like to extend a special thanks to
R. Rycharski for Co-Directing the event on behalf of the Hudson Valley Orienteering Club.

This year 102 people attended, 35 separate teams, 75 runners in total, ventured onto the courses.  They spent one
hundred hours twenty nine minutes and 20 seconds running the various courses. The runners traveled 183.5 Km, Climbed
4,500 m and visited 849 Control Points.

The interested Scouts also were able to participate in a GPS / Geocaching clinic thanks to J. Pritchard of Troop 79.

Orienteering Club Members from
HVO, LIOC and WCOC participated in the days events and assisted throughout the day.
  2007 EVENT RECAP  
Attendance                           102
Total Maps:                             35
Total Runners:                       75
Total Time:                108:29:20
Total Distance:                 183.5
Total Climb:                        4500
Total Ctrls:                            849
2007 Queens Borough Scout
Orienteering Event


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